1.The admission fee for the cat's playpen areas is 300 yen per 30 mins per person.

      100 yen will be charged in addition every 10 mins thereafter.

      The payment for this is required on your departure.

      Please ensure to handover your ticket to our staff at the till.



2.Please ensure to order at least one item per customer.


3.NO foods are allowed in the cat's playpen area.

      ONLY drinks are allowed.



4.Photography is allowed however photography with bright flashes will disturb the cats,

      so please refrain from that.


5.Please do not pick up or manhandle the resident cats.


6.Children 12 and under must be accompanied by a responsible adult.


7.Please ensure your children are not allowed to wander unsupervised.


8.Children 12 and under are not allowed hold resident cats.


9.Please ensure to order at least one item per customer.

      This includes children 12 and under regardless of their food requirements.


10.There is no special discount available for children.

      All customers are required to pay a standard entrance fee.  


11.Disruptive,antisocial or violent behaviour  by a customer or group of customers directed   toward other customers or staff members will result in the offending customer or group of customers being required to leave the premises immediately without any entitlement to a refund.

       What constitues disruptive,antisosial or violent shall be determined at the sole discretion of the Duty Manager and includes both physical and verbal abuse.

       Any such occasion will be reported to the police.


12.Your use of our premises and service is at your own risk.

        We accept no responsibility or liability.



13."NEKO NO HAKO" reserves all rights to admission.